Frameable Art

Since I was a beginning calligrapher I have loved creating big pieces. There is something about the level of creativity and performance, the risks that must be taken, the chances for beauty and complexity, and the ultimate satisfaction of completion involved in each undertaking that drives me to do this over and over. I just can’t wait to get in the studio to work on a piece once an idea takes hold. While traveling, I sketch layouts and ideas. I always have several pieces in process.

I like working for clients and getting to know them through the process of creating a custom piece. I like to meet, in person if possible, to discuss their vision and ask my hundred questions so I know how to proceed. I provide reports along the way as desired and strive to do work in a timely manner within the budget agreed upon.

If a piece I create may have wider appeal, I have it scanned so that prints can be made from it. These prints, called giclee prints, are highest quality fine art reproductions. Some are open editions and some are limited editions. Some are also printed as 5X7″ cards.