Many years ago my sister asked me to try an experiment. She wanted “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small/All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all” around the top of the wall in her child’s room. She thought I could paint it on there somehow.

I knew very little about how I could accomplish this, having never lettered with a brush. I just knew ink would run down the wall and there was not a big enough nib to put it in anyway. I called a family friend and professional painter who had created a wonderful mural in my parents’ home and he gave me some ideas.

After that bit of guidance I just jumped in and tried it. I have discovered that I like to work large and that I’m pretty good at determining what will fit in a given space. I continue to work on my illustration skills and using images with lettering. I love what wall painting can do for a room. It has a different feel than vinyl lettering or framed artwork on a wall. Clients seem to love it. I am not offended when it’s time to paint over it and do something different.