Ben & Olivia Wedding

If you are a calligrapher and you have one daughter, you know what’s coming many years ahead of time: the wedding. Olivia was the art director for everything but the commemorative piece, which was my surprise gift. It was a joyous and beautiful day.


● Announcements
I worked with my graphic design sister, Candace, and a local printer, Good Impressions, to do these custom announcements. I did the calligraphy in black ink on white paper, scanned it, added type, and they adjusted the color. I ordered Stardream paper for the belly bands and 2” gold seals. I designed the monogram and had an embosser made, which we used on the seals (and on napkins and correspondence cards).

● Envelopes
560 hand addressed envelopes! That’s what happens when both bride and groom have large families.

● O&B Commemorative Piece
The idea of this piece went around in my head for a long time; I had decided that I would make a commemorative piece for each of my children when they married and Olivia was married first. I actually got pretty far into a different layout, one that looked more like the resolutions of the late 1800s and early 1900s, before I looked at the gothic text and Lombardic caps I chose and realized that Olivia would hang it on her wall but wouldn’t love it. I scrapped it and started over, sketching curved lines on a plain piece of paper with no grid. I knew she liked modern pointed pen best and that I wanted to incorporate Victorian flower meanings to describe their personalities and my hopes for them. It came together quite easily once I switched.

● Framed table toppers
Olivia sent me favorite short quotes to use on the tables at her reception. I used the same paper and ink (actually paint–a mixture of Vandyke brown gouache and Fine Tec gold watercolor) that I used on the announcements. (We got gold frames at every Goodwill store between Indianapolis and Branson, Missouri while on spring break!)

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