More Savior, Like Thee


There is a huge design challenge inherent in the text of this song: every line starts with the same word! I decided to choose a clean, unadorned style for the text and alternate the starting point with an indention so the word “More” did not repeat in column form.  I also realized that the Savior is referenced once in each verse and that those references came on different lines and could thus create some variety amid the repetition. I had just gone with other members of the Calligraphy Guild of Indiana to tour Twinrocker, a handmade paper company in northern Indiana, and had purchased various sizes of lovely papers that I realized fit well in a frame I already had.  When it came time to choose colors, I decided that since so many of my pieces featured saturated colors, I would choose a more neutral and muted palette.


Digital print, 12×16”

Open edition


Original is 18×24”

Gouache, chalk pastel, Pigma pen on handmade Twinrocker and Canson Mi-Teintes papers

The text is from the 1873 hymn by Philip Paul Bliss.


More holiness give me,

More striving within;

More patience in suff’ring,

More sorrow for sin;

More faith in my Savior,

More sense of His care.

More joy in His service,

More purpose in prayer.


More gratitude give me,

More trust in the Lord;

More pride in His glory,

More hope in His word;

More tears for His sorrows,

More pain at His grief;

More meekness in trial,

More praise for relief.


More purity give me,

More strength to o’ercome;

More freedom from earth-stains,

More longings for home;

More fit for the kingdom,

More used would I be;

More blessèd and holy,

More, Savior, like Thee.


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