Tanner & Sydney Wedding

Our oldest child married a year after the second child, so I had a little breather. We worked on the whole suite so all the elements and colors could coordinate. Together we chose flowers that symbolize new beginning, lasting friendship, generosity, abundance, etc. and used my drawings throughout.


● Announcements
I inked the names and flowers in black on white, scanned them, and sent them over to my amazing graphic designer sister, Candace, who pulled everything together.

● Envelopes
My future daughter-in-law was happy to have the addresses typed, so I focused on a design that could be printed next to the address. I incorporated the same types of flowers used in the announcement.

● T&S Commemorative Piece
I had a great meeting with the couple to try out wording, layout, and style. They liked many things about Ben and Olivia’s piece from a year previous but had their own color scheme and some different content. Tanner loves Uncial, so we used that. (Maybe it is because he spent time in Aachen, Germany, the city Charlemagne chose as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire at the beginning of the 9th century.)

● T&S Monogram
We ended up using this on the back of an insert card and on boxes used for table decorations at the reception.

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